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We always have seasonal wines to try.

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City of Light - Piesporter                                 $13.99 bottle / $220 batch

A soft, easy drinking wine with delicate aromas of apple, pear, honey & elderflower.  Serve with salads or a light lunch. 

Beethoven's Finest - Gewurztraminer      $14.99 bottle / $230 batch

A very distinctive wine with exotic, spicy almost perfumed characteristics.  Serve with spicy foods.

201 MainStreet - Chardonnay              $14.99 bottle / $230 batch

Big, ripe tropical fruit flavors with a rich, buttery - vanilla finish. Serve with salmon, grilled chicken or pasta in a cheese sauce.

Bella - Pinot Grigio                                $14.99 bottle/$230 batch

A crisp white with notes of citrus, almond & spice. Serve with pesto and salmon.

Spe Salvi - Sauvignon Blanc                        $14.99 bottle / $230 batch

Complex with aromas of herbs, pink grapefruit, fresh-cut grass, lime and passion fruit.  Serve with seafood, chicken or pork.

House White - Blend                                          $15.99 bottle / $240 batch

A rich, butttery bouquet with flavors of tropical fruit, vanilla and oak.  Serve with seafood with a butter sauce or pasta in a rich cream sauce.


MainStreet Rosay - White Merlot             $13.99 bottle / ---

Fresh strawberries burst from this off-dry wine.  Serve with cheeseburgers, spicy food or picnic lunches.

Jazzy Red - Blend                                        $13.99 bottle / $220 batch

An easy drinking red, with plenty of character and charm.  Serve with barbequed red meats or pasta.

Village Cellar Red - Pinot Noir                     $18.99 bottle / $280 batch

Elegant and complex with aromas of cherries, smokey oak and spice.  Serve with vegetarian dishes.

Luna Rossa Italian Blend                         $14.99 bottle/ $240 batch

Big, bold and bountiful with loads of rich black fruits and oak, plenty of tannin and structure.  Serve with red meats or a hearty stew, also great with assorted meats and strong cheeses with bread & olive oil. 

Opera House Select - Cabernet                       $16.99 bottle / $260 batch

Hearty and complex with flavors of black currants, cherry, oak, pepper and spice.  Serve with a grilled steak, lamb or grilled portobello mushrooms.

Amarone - Blend                                                     $19.99 bottle / $280 batch

A house favorite!  Deep ruby red with a spicy-earthy bittersweet finish, that lengthens on indefinitely from the huge volume of tannins.  Serve with a hearty roast or pasta with a rich meat sauce, also great with dark chocolate.


First Sin - Apple Riesling                                         $13.99 bottle / $185 batch
A fresh and exciting with accented with notes of fresh apples.  Great with cheddar cheese.

That's Amore - Black Raspberry Merlot           $13.99 bottle / $185 batch
Merlot's fruit forward style accented by luscious black raspberries.

Very Blueberry - Blueberry Pinot Noir            $13.99 bottle / $185 batch
Juicy fruity flavors of blueberry dance on your palate.

VuDu - Pomegranate Red Zin                                  $13.99 bottle/ $185 batch
Sweet & earthy aromas of fresh, ripe pomegranate.

We make other fruit wines seasonally.

Dessert Wine                                                     

Sweet Decadence                                          $21.99 bottle 
Rich and warm with flavors of fig and plum makes this a bold, distinctive dessert wine.  Serve with blue cheese and walnuts or cheesecake.

Frost Bite                                                       $21.99 bottle 
An impressive dessert wine with notes of peach, honey and marmalade.  Served chilled with fresh fruit or creme brulee.

Red Frost                                                       $21.99 bottle 
Intensely flavorful, sweet and rich, entices with irresistible aromas and flavors of ripe currants, notes of spice, honey, strawberry, tart rhubarb and cranberry.  Excellent paired with dark chocolate.

A Batch of Wine produces 28 bottles and includes corks, personalized labels and coordinating foil caps.  With our assistance, you will start the fermentation process of your wine, we will tend to your wine throughout the 5-8 week process, you can then come in to bottle your wine or we can do the entire process for you.  Bottles are available for purchase or you may bring in your own clean, label free bottles.

Wine batches with customized labels are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, corporate gifts, retirement and birthday parties and any other event worthy of a celebration.


Stop in and try one of our delicious Pizza's.


Cheese Plate $15.99, Baked Brie $12.99 & Bread Stix $6.99

Fresh Salads:

House Salad & Antipasto Salad

Handmade Stone Oven Thin-Crust Pizzas:

Our specialty 16” pizza’s are handmade with only the finest ingredients and pairs perfectly with a glass of wine or a craft beer… Salute!  

Cheese only $11.99, each additional topping $1.99


Cheap Date: house red sauce topped with our house cheese blend $12.99

Wine-A-Rita: house red sauce topped with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil & a balsamic drizzle $14.99

The Big Sexy: house red sauce topped with our house cheese blend, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, & onion $17.99

Gotti: house red sauce topped with our house cheese blend, pepperoni, ham, sausage & bacon $18.99

Veggeeosso: house red sauce topped with mushroom, onion, artichoke, spinach, house cheese blend & finished with a balsamic drizzle $18.99

Ooh la la: pesto sauce, topped with fresh arugula, house cheese blend, shaved parmessan, balsamic drizzle & fresh black pepper $16.99

Saucy Chicken: house red sauce, shredded chicken with bbq rub, bacon, onion, huse cheese blend & bbq sauce $18.99

Filthy Rich: Parmesan-garlic sauce, chicken, onion, house cheese blend & parsley $18.99

Pure Porkey: house red sauce, house cheese blend, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham green pepper, onion, mushroom & black olives $22.99

Antipasti: house red sauce, house cheese blend, pepperoni, ham, artichokes, onion, mushroom, banana peppers & parmesan $19.99

Caprese: olive oil, fresh mozzerella, tomatoes, capers, oregano, basil & parmesan with a balsamic drizzle $16.99

Tuscan: olive oil, house cheese blend, tomatoes, oregano, arugula, prosciutto & parmesan $17.99

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